Mashrabiya System

We are specialized in creating high-quality and customized aluminium, glass and steel works.

Mashrabiya is a traditional architectural element that is commonly found in Middle Eastern countries, particularly in Islamic architecture. It is a type of wooden lattice or screen that is used to provide privacy, shade, and ventilation while also allowing light to enter a building. The Mashrabiya system consists of a grid of wooden or metal bars that are spaced apart and angled to form a pattern. The bars are typically arranged in a diagonal or diamond shape, and the resulting pattern creates a sense of privacy by partially blocking the view from the outside. Mashrabiya screens are often used on the balconies, windows, and facades of buildings. They are designed to keep the interior of the building cool by blocking direct sunlight while allowing air to circulate. The intricate patterns also add aesthetic value to the building, making it an important element of Islamic architecture. The Mashrabiya system has evolved over time, and modern versions may incorporate new materials and designs. For example, some modern buildings may use glass or metal screens instead of wood, and the patterns may be more abstract or geometric. In summary, the Mashrabiya system is a traditional element of Middle Eastern architecture that provides privacy, shade, and ventilation while also adding aesthetic value to a building.

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